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Let me introduce you to my family! J and I have been together for 18 years. We have had Snowy for what seems like a life time and in 2014 we adopted 2 little furballs from the Amazimtoti SPCA. In 2015 we became foster, and subsequently, parents to Peach. Even though it is legal in South Africa, J and I have not gotten "married", prefering to live in "sin". Actually, even though we are active homosexuals and fight for equality, we do not agree with taking on the Christian church and getting them to change their rules and beliefs, but let's not get into that now...

Delano (also known as D or aunty D)

Born in August, in a little town called Despatch, outside of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape of South Africa many, many, many years ago... I like to beleive I am kind, until you cross me, and have an OCD problem with some aspects of my life (like how the socks are hung up to dry). I can talk to anyone, from road sweeper to president, and try and treat everyone the same. Oh, and I don't suffer fools lightly...

Jacques (also known as J)

Born in February, J is kind and patient. In a crowd he will be the one sitting quietly watching everyone. He can fix cars and make kitchen cupboards. He's also a pretty fine cook - hence my weight problem lol...

Snowy (also known as Snowball)

Snowy is an Indian Ringneck and has bonded with me. She loves to get attention, cuddles from me and treats from anyone. There are very few women she likes - the rest get a skreaching of note. She also doesn't like it when I am on the phone... And no, she does not talk - she doesn't have to - we understand each other. She is happiest when she can see me.

Anele (also known as Blu)

Blu addopted us in January of 2011 and has been a special member of our family ever since. She is kind, caring and loving, but has learnt to stand her ground. She is a go getter, running her ouwn business in Guateng.12:55 PM 2017/03/25

Sihle (also known as Babe)

Sihle is married to Blu and is the most fabulous person I could think to spend the rest of her life with Blu. Soft spoken, naughty and an awesome sense of humour. She joined our family in May of 2016. Sihle also runs her own business in Guateng.

Dax (also known as Daxus)

Dax is a cross Beagle and loves all the attention. He shows his love by licking you, normally the face, but will settle for hands if your face is unavailable. Dax was adopted from the SPCA in early 2015. He loves to play, explore, playing in the rain and sitting on the grass contemplating life.

Josie (also known as Princess)

Josie is a cross Wired-haired Terrier and is a little lady. She is calm and submissive if confronted. She loves to run and chase Dax, but also loves to sun tan and cuddle under the blanket with J. Josie was adopted from death row at the Amanzimtoti SPCA. Getting a lick from Josie is a rare occurance which makes it extra special when it does happen. Josie loves cheese and treats and will let you know if she thinks it's treat time. Oh yes, she also has a thing for large male dogs...

Peach (also known as Peaches)

Peach came to stay with us in early 2015 and due to unforeseen circumstances, she has become a permanent member of our family. She is a Miniature Pinscher and loves to rule the roost. She loves hugs and cuddles and food, and is happiest when she is sitting on top of you. She also doesn't know when to stop barking - often have to use the voice on her...


Kirklands Auctioneer

John Kirk, Auctioneer in the greater Dundee area in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

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Kirklands Auctioneer
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