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Our First Gay Wedding 09/05/2016

This past weekend, we had the privilege and honour of attending our daughters wedding, adding another daughter to our team. Two beautiful young ladies, both inside and out. And in true wedding tradition, the bride was late, and in true African tradition, the bride was very late. About an hour and a half. But once Blu arrived, the other nervous bride made her way to the front of the chapel. 

Before I go on, although this was a wedding, it was not a religious affair. The 'Minister' never once made any reference to religion which really impressed me, as you are all aware of my stance when it comes to the gay community taking on the Christian church. But another time for that, let's get back to the beautiful wedding.

Blu's brother, Dumisani, walked a breath takingly bride down the isle towards an equally breath taking bride nervously awaiting. The service was like any other wedding, but like I said, all the religious parts had been omitted. Blu and Kai said their own vows and there was many tears. For me it was even more emotional - our little girl was getting married, and our P was not there to witness it. She would have been the proudest 'mommy' of all. But I like to believe she was smiling down on the two of them and showering them with love. Thanks to Jacques for putting a strong hand of my shoulder, reminding me that this was a joyous occasion.

Once we exited the chapel, the bridal couple where showered with rose petals and where whisked away to have their photos taken. Along with the guests, we made our way to the reception where we where served canapés and refreshments. Eventually the bridal couple arrived back and the festivities began. We where given more food and refreshments along with speeches and ululating. Everyone there had come to celebrate the love Blu and Kai have for each other.

Thandiswa, Blu's sister in law, gave us all words of wisdom with regard to marriage and life in general. Dumisani spoke from the heart, and I have never been so humbled - although he does not understand the gay life style, he said, before God, he could not judge, but accepted and love them both. Then Blu's mom gave her speech. Again, my heart swelled with nothing but love for this woman. An ordained minister, she too told us that she could not judge, as before anything else, she is a mother, and that God knows what we are going to do before we are born, so who was she to question His plans. 

To out daughters, even though you have amazing families, we, your fairy parents will always be here for you. We are both so proud of the steps that you have taken and the decisions you have made. Our love for you both knows no bonds.

Once again, old friendships where strengthened and new ones formed. A big thank you to everyone who attended the wedding for making us feel welcomed and loved, and for loving our daughters the way you do. 

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